Mettler-Toledo acquires Smith Detection

by Editor
Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mettler-Toledo has announced that it has acquired the Smiths Detection Product Inspection division and will adopt the well-known Eagle brand of food x-ray inspection systems.

Best known for its expert inspection products since 1998, the Eagle business will continue to operate as a separate entity using existing sales and service channels. With this strategic business expansion, Eagle customers will benefit from a strengthening of service and support through a larger network of service technicians and application support.

Additionally, Eagle is now part of Mettler-Toledo’s Product Inspection division, which is focused on helping food manufacturers meet their inspection requirements. With this acquisition, Mettler-Toledo is increasing its commitment to the food x-ray business, which will drive additional strategic investments in technology and application development.

Eagle’s x-ray inspection systems detect contaminants such as metal, glass, stone and bone while also having the ability to check mass, evaluate compartmentalised fill level, and analyse fat content. Other brands in Mettler-Toledo’s portfolio include Hi-Speed, Garvens, Safeline and CI-Vision for comprehensive product inspection.