Meat trade: Denmark sells less in the EU
Meat trade

Denmark sells less in the EU

Jörg Schiffeler, jus
Denmark supplies less pork to Germany.
Denmark supplies less pork to Germany.

DENMARK, Copenhagen. In particular, the Danes supply less pork to German customers.

Last year, the good sales opportunities in China caused Danish pork exports to other European Union countries to fall by more than a quarter to 728,820 t carcass weight compared to 2018. According to data from the Umbrella Organisation of the Danish Agricultural and Food Industry (Landbrug & Fødevarer, L&F), Germany was particularly hard hit by this decline.

The Danes' meat deliveries to the neighbouring country, including by-products, fell by 139,530 t or 35.4% to 255,070 t. In particular, fewer cuts, by-products and pork sides were sold to Germany. In addition, live exports of pigs - measured in carcass weight - fell by 2.1% to 201,260 t. In other EU countries, the sales figures of Danish exporters of pigs and their meat also declined, but mostly not as much as in trade with Germany. The volume sold to Poland, for example, fell by a total of 16% year-on-year to 265,400 t.

In addition to low sales of cuts, exports of live animals also declined for the first time in a long time, by 8.3% to 166,825 t. The volume shipped to Great Britain fell by 9.2% to 187,230 t; sales in Italy fell by almost 20% to 101,830 t. Also due to increased exports of pig iron, only total exports to Spain increased, namely by 13.3% to almost 15,300 t. In 2019, Danish suppliers marketed a total of 1.15 mill. t of pork and live animals to other EU member states, almost 20% less than in the previous year.

Increased sales to China

By contrast, exports to third countries increased significantly; sales of pork to customers outside the EU rose by 118,170 t or 22.3% to 648,600 t. This was mainly due to the large increase in sales in China including Hong Kong from 164,930 t or 74.4% to the new record level of 386,730 t.

In addition, exports of Danish pork to Australia increased by almost 13% to 50,900 t. Japan, on the other hand, bought just under 5% less goods in Denmark at 111,870 t; deliveries to the USA fell by around a third to 25,040 t due to the large supply there. Overall, Denmark exported 1.80 mill. t of pork, including live animals, in the year under review; this was almost 160,000 t or 8.1% less than in 2018.

Source:, AgE


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