Meat trade: China overtakes Germany
Meat trade

China overtakes Germany

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Trotters are still one of the most popular parts of the pig in China.
Trotters are still one of the most popular parts of the pig in China.

DENMARK, Copenhagen. Germany is no longer Denmark's main purchaser of pork. Deliveries to Great Britain are also shrinking.

The most important main export destination for Danish pork is now China. According to data from the umbrella organisation of the Danish agri-food industry (Landbrug & Fødevarer, L&F), deliveries to China including Hong Kong doubled in the first quarter of 2020 compared with the same period last year to 142,090 t. The main reason for this was a quadrupling of the sales of individual lots to a volume of 94,600 t. In contrast, exports to Germany, including live pigs, fell by 9.5% to 112,130 t. In terms of value, too, China was ahead with export earnings of € 355 mill., while Germany was behind with € 296 mill.

The third most important customer of Danish pork exporters in the first quarter of 2020 was Poland, where the volume of pork delivered to Poland increased by 4.1% to 72,610 t. This was due to increased exports of pigs for slaughter and breeding, while sales of meat declined slightly. Business with Great Britain suffered significant losses; export volumes fell by 9.3% to 46,380 t compared with the first quarter of 2019. Exports fell in all product categories, from by-products to bacon, sausages and cuts. If the brexite were to be unregulated, Denmark would be particularly hard hit by trade barriers and higher UK import tariffs on pork.

Declines in East Asia and Australia

Danish exports of pork to other third countries also declined, with the exception of China. The volume sold in Japan, for example, fell by 28% to 21,880 t compared with the first three months of 2019; business with Australia declined by 38.8% to 8,675 t. Exports to South Korea and Taiwan suffered even more significant losses of around 60% each. Overall, however, China's brisk sales saved the export balance: Danish exports of pork, including by-products and live animals, increased by 34,780 t or 7.6% to 492,720 t in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year.


Source:; AgE


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