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Meat trade

China approves more Spanish companies
The number of Spanish exporters of pork to China increases to 57.
The number of Spanish exporters of pork to China increases to 57.

SPAIN, Madrid. According to the Ministry of Agriculture in Madrid, the Chinese authorities have approved another eight Spanish establishments for deliveries of pork. This brings the number of businesses in Spain approved to export pork to China to 57, compared to only 28 twelve months ago. Spain had already overtaken Germany as the most important third country supplier of pork in China last year.

According to current figures from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, the value of Spanish pork products exported to China in 2019 totalled € 1.13 bn., 119% more than the year before. Pork is the main product among Spanish agricultural exports to China. In 2019, it accounted for 55% of the country's total agricultural exports to the country, according to the Ministry in Madrid, compared with 36% the previous year. Other important products were olive and olive-pomace oil, wine, dehydrated alfalfa, fishery products, milk and dairy products and fruit.

German exporters delivered 323,134 t of pork to China last year. Spanish suppliers exported 381,630 t of fresh pork in the same period. In 2019, Denmark ranked fourth among China's pork imports behind Spain, Germany and the United States.


Source:, AgE


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