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DC advertises climate protection

Danish Crown
Danish Crown is now providing its meat packaging with a climate protection label.
Danish Crown is now providing its meat packaging with a climate protection label.

DENMARK, Randers. Danish Crown (DC) promotes the sustainable production of food.

In order to inform Danish consumers about the contribution made by domestic pig producers to climate protection, the globally operating meat company is now providing packaged meat with a new climate protection label.

According to the Randers-based company, the logo indicates that Danish pig farmers reduced the climatic footprint of their production by a quarter between 2005 and 2020. This already applies to 90% of all DC suppliers, the company explained. By 2030 DC wants to halve the climate impact of its own meat production.

At the launch of this labeling, DC's Marketing Director Mette Færch noted that in recent surveys almost 40% of the participants considered sustainable behavior to be important when buying food. So far, however, the decision in favor of climate protection in the store has been made difficult by a "jungle of information". With the new seal, Danish Crown is now giving consumers the opportunity for a "more climate-friendly choice," emphasized Færch.

The logo is part of the "Klimavejen" sustainability program launched by Danish Crown in March to improve climate efficiency from the producer to the store counter. The program will examine individual businesses in terms of their individual footprint. During consultations, weaknesses are identified and a plan of action is drawn up to eliminate them. At the end of the process, certification and participation in marketing with appropriately labelled goods are the result. Danish Crown aims to achieve completely climate-neutral meat production (net zero emissions) by the year 2050.


Source: afz - allgemeine fleischer zeitung 35/2020; AgE


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