Meat production: Less pork but more beef and ...
Meat production

Less pork but more beef and poultry

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Meat production is moving away from pork and towards beef and poultry.
Meat production is moving away from pork and towards beef and poultry.

GERMANY, Wiesbaden. According to preliminary results, commercial slaughterhouses in Germany slaughtered 59.7 million pigs, cattle, sheep, goats and horses in 2019. Including poultry, the companies produced a total of almost 8 mill. t of meat.

As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the quantity of meat produced thus fell by 1.4% compared with 2018. The decline is due to lower pork production, while the production of beef and poultry meat increased compared to the previous year.

Pork, beef and poultry

With 55.1 million animals slaughtered in 2019, the total number of pigs slaughtered decreased by 3% compared to the previous year. The number of domestic pigs slaughtered fell by 3.4% to 51.8 million animals, while the number of pigs imported and slaughtered in Germany rose by 2.7% to 3.3 million. In total, 5.2 mill. t of pork were produced in 2019, 2.6% less than in 2018.

Industrial meat production

The number of cattle slaughtered in 2019 fell by 0.8% to 3.5 million animals compared with the previous year. However, as the average slaughter weight increased, the volume of beef slaughtered in 2019 rose by 0.9% year-on-year to 1.1 mill. t.

The volume of poultry meat produced in 2019 was 1.6 mill. t, 0.8% higher than the previous year. 1.5% more meat was produced from young broilers. Turkey meat production (turkey meat) also increased by 0.7%.

Between 2009 and 2019, the quantity of poultry meat produced increased by 22%, while the quantity of pork and beef produced remained at about the same level, with slight fluctuations in individual years.

Source: Destatis


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