Meat prices: Rise for six month in row
Meat prices

Rise for six month in row

ITALY, Rome. Global meat prices have increased every month this year up to June, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization’s (FAO) Food Price Index. The FAO’s Food Price Index is a monthly trade-weighted guide, tracking the market prices for five major commodity food groups: meat, dairy, wheat, vegetable oil and sugar.

The average price of meat around the world has increased by 10% in the six months to June this year, while other commodity food groups have been more volatile, with sugar prices noticeably down. The meat price index now stands at 175.2 points, which has increased marginally from May’s price of 172. But since January this year the FAO’s meat price index has increased from 158.8 points – a rise of 10%.

Limited red meat export supplies in Australia and New Zealand, coupled with strong buying interest, underpinned beef and lamb prices in June. Continued strong important demand in Asia supported meat prices too, which increased by the highest amount. Beef prices increased by the second-largest amount.

Poultry was the worst-affected protein category in June. Prices were hit by concerns over the spread of avian influenza (AI), which has led to hundreds of thousands of chickens being culled in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Global commodity food prices were pushed up last month by an increase in both wheat and meat prices. The index averaged 175.2 point s in June, up by around 1% from the previous month and 7% year-on-year. Meat prices are based on two poultry products, three beef, three pork, and one lamb meat product.


Source: FAO
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