Meat-free alternatives: Unilever focuses on s...
Meat-free alternatives

Unilever focuses on substitute products

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Meat and milk alternatives should boost Unilever's sales.
Meat and milk alternatives should boost Unilever's sales.

UNITED KINGDOM, London. Veggie products are to move still more strongly into the focus of Unilever. To this end, the Group has launched the "Future Foods" initiative, which sets an ambitious sales target.

Unilever wants to have a slice of the cake in the trend business with meat and milk alternatives. In the next five to seven years, the company has announced that it intends to increase its sales of plant-based replacement products to € 1 bn. This goal is part of Unilever's "Future Foods" initiative presented worldwide today, which is designed to drive growth in the segment. The range of alternative products is to be successively expanded. The initiative also outlines further changes towards a more sustainable producer: By 2025, food waste along the value chain from the factory to the shelf is to be halved. Unilever also wants to offer twice as many products with "an improved nutritional profile" compared to today. The goods are also to be optimized in terms of their calorie, salt and sugar content.

"We cannot tell people what to eat. But we can ensure that each individual eats a healthier diet and can choose plant-based alternatives," comments Hanneke Faber, President of the Foods & Refreshment Division, on the "Future Foods" program. The market for plant-based meat alternatives is promising: the average annual growth rate of the segment is currently estimated by Polaris Market Research at around 15.8% worldwide.

According to an evaluation by the Federal Statistical Office, the meat alternatives in Germany are also on the upswing. Compared to "real" meat products, however, the market is still quite manageable.

As early as 2018, Unilever set the course towards meat substitutes and took over the Dutch manufacturer of plant-based meat alternatives "The Vegetarian Butcher". Now Unilever already offers eight different products with plant-based meat alternatives in Germany, four of them vegan. In addition the consumer goods manufacturer produces the meatless "Rebel Whopper" as well as vegetable nuggets for Burger King. (hue)



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