Meat Market: India to bolster pork industry
Meat Market

India to bolster pork industry

A delegation from India visited pig processors in the UK.
A delegation from India visited pig processors in the UK.

THE UNITED KINGDOM, Kenilworth. Senior Punjabi government officials have visited UK pork factories to develop production methods, with India braced for a surge in meat demand.

The delegation from the Punjab visited pig breeding firms, a feed mill, an abattoir and the headquarter of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Pork (AHDB), driven by India’s aims to boost its booming pork sector. The Indian team was interested in pig genetics, breeding techniques, animal welfare and the economics underpinning the UK pork sector.

Meat consumption in India is rising by around 14% annually. And with a population expected to surpass China’s by 2020, there is a rising middle class and younger generation rapidly developing an appetite for pork. In recent years the state of Punjab, which borders Pakistan, has taken the lead in the modernisation of India’s agricultural industry. The state already produces 76,000 t of pork per year and is looking to grow its blossoming industry.

India is a high-growth market, where the UK is looking to maximise trade in pork. AHDB experts believe pork has huge potential across hospitality, restaurants and foodservice.

Most of India’s pig breeding stock is of British origin, which is why delegates from the Punjab have been studying the UK system. During the visit, officials also visited the Animal and Plant Health Agency in Weybridge and Kent University to pick up tips on embryo transplantation and DNA technology.

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