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Meat & Livestock Australia receives grant


AUSTRALIA, North Sidney. Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has welcomed a $4.8 mill. Australian Government grant to develop advanced new measurement technology that will transform the meat industry.

The joint project, led by MLA, will accelerate the development and introduction of new technology including X-ray and 3D digital imaging for accurately measuring live animals and carcases – paving the way for value-based pricing based on known meat yield and eating quality.

MLA Managing Director Richard Norton said the technology developed would enable producers to be paid on the objective measurement of the product they supplied, allowing improved compliance to pricing grids, better targeting of markets and maximised profits. The Funding leverages the capacity of 19 research and industry partners.

Under the project, three measurement technologies will be developed for use on-farm and within the processing sector to reliably and objectively determine carcase composition and even more accurately determine eating quality. For processors, use of the new technologies to assess lean meat yield will allow for the precise valuing of carcases, optimising market-based cutting and de-boning decisions. The supply of information back through the value chain, and its integration with genetic databases, will better inform producers’ on-farm decision making and profitability.

Funded through the Rural Research and Development for Profit program, this project will build on the findings of an earlier round one “insights to innovation” project to identify and capture new export market opportunities.

The project will be led by MLA, in collaboration with Australian Pork Ltd, Teys Australia, JBS Australia, Australian Country Choice, Australian Cattle and Beef Holdings, PorkScan Private, Australian Lamb Company, Murdoch University, Melbourne University, University of Technology Sydney, Scott Technology, Carometic, Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC), Harvey Beef, South Australian Research and Development Institute, Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia, NSW Department of Primary Industries and Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

Source: Meat & Livestock Australia


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