Market: NAMI CEO gets firsthand look at US re...

NAMI CEO gets firsthand look at US red meat’s success

Julie Anna Potts and Dan Halstrom visit the Tokyo Meat Market.
Julie Anna Potts and Dan Halstrom visit the Tokyo Meat Market.

JAPAN, Tokyo. Julie Anna Potts, president and CEO of the North American Meat Institute (NAMI), made her first visit to two of the leading destinations for US beef and pork – Japan and South Korea.

Potts was accompanied by USMEF President and CEO Dan Halstrom and participated in several consumer events, retail promotions and industry meetings arranged by USMEF. She also received market briefings from US embassy staff in Tokyo and Seoul. Potts also took note of the fierce competition US red meat faces in the Japanese market, which underscores the importance of the recently launched US-Japan trade agreement negotiations.

She commented: “The uncertainty that’s created when other countries have trade agreements with Japan and the US does not is not a great place for us to be. So we must continue to reassure our trading partners that there is great emphasis on the importance of getting this agreement done as quickly as possible, and that the US industry continues to vigorously compete in the Japanese market.”

In Korea, where US beef and pork exports have surged and red meat consumption is growing rapidly, the importance of market access was on full display. In both Japan and Korea, Potts was very impressed with the merchandising of US beef and pork and the promotional efforts coordinated by USMEF staff.

Source: USMEF


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