Marfrig acquires ConAgra beef jerky brand

Marfrig acquires ConAgra beef jerky brand

The Brazilian beef processor Marfrig has acquired the beef jerky brand and related production equipment from ConAgra Foods, Inc.

Its subsidiary Mirab USA Inc. payed $25 million in cash for this business.

Both companies entered into a sales and distribution agreement for the 5 years up to July 2013. ConAgra Foods will sell and distribute the Pemmican brand beef jerky for Marfrig within its existing Consumer Products Division.

As part of an agreement between ConAgra Foods and Mirab USA, Marfrig also will co-pack Slim Jim beef jerky for ConAgra Foods. This agreement does not include the “Slim Jim” beef stick business.

Marfrig has diversified sources to produce beef jerky from its units in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay with a combined capacity of 27 tons per day and a packaging facility in Mirab (Detroit, USA).

Though the Pemmican brand has been around for only 35 years, its tradition goes back a few hundred. The word "pemmican" is Native American in origin and was used to describe a high-protein food source made from dried meat and berries.

Source: Marfrig Group


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