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Harim has selected its equipment

Marel Poultry
Harim's five story plant in Iksan, South Korea, will feature four new Marel Poultry processing lines.
Harim's five story plant in Iksan, South Korea, will feature four new Marel Poultry processing lines.

THE NETHERLANDS, Boxmeer. Marel Poultry has been chosen to equip one of the world's largest poultry processing plants. The Harim company in South Korea will install four new Marel Poultry processing lines, spread over five different floors in the fully modernized Iksan plant.

Marel Poultry has been selected by the South Korean enterprise Harim Co. to be the main supplier for the modernization of the factory in the city of Iksan. The Harim Group and Marel Poultry know each other very well, since most of Harim's plants are already equipped with many Marel Poultry solutions.

It is now the turn of the Iksan factory to be completely modernized using solutions from Marel Poultry. It will be extended to six (later even to seven) lines. Two existing lines will be overhauled and reused. Four new high speed lines will be installed, which will turn this plant into one of the largest poultry processing facilities in Asia. When the seventh line becomes operational, it will be one of the largest in the world.

The four new lines will make use of our latest technologies in scalding, defeathering, evisceration and chilling. An eviscerator with integrated giblet harvesting line will be at the heart of the evisceration department. All four lines will include low maintenance, self-calibrating high speed weighers.

In Korea, little land is available for building, as 75% of the country is covered by mountains. Harim cleverly solved this problem by designing a five story high building, attached to the existing plant, extending their existing 80,000 m2 production area to 150,000 m2. Spacious air chill tunnels will be positioned on the top floor. An overhead conveyor system distributes broilers to all departments, keeping all processes completely in-line.

Of course, such an extensive poultry plant can't do without the necessary software control. Innova food processing software will ensure the overall monitoring of all equipment installed in the Marel Poultry lines at Harim. Because of the size of the plant, preventive maintenance is an important issue to protect the four lines from unnecessary downtime. During the first years, Marel Poultry's field service engineers will pay regular visits to the Iksan plant, a wish clearly expressed by the Harim Group.


Source: Marel Poultry


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