Major changes predicted for restaurant indust...

Major changes predicted for restaurant industry in 2011

As the nation begins to emerge from recession, changes are on the way for the restaurant industry in 2011, according to Technomic, a leading foodservice research and consulting firm.

As federal menu labeling requirements take effect, Technomic says to look for more items and detailed descriptions on “healthy” menus — including gluten-free fare as well as more “under x calories” items.

Also expect to see more high-end restaurants and more ultra-niche eateries with narrowly focused menus and high-concept ambiance. Meanwhile, the middle class is expected to gravitate to reasonably priced but high-experience-value, thrill-a-minute concepts with memorable menus and consumers will continue to demand price deals everywhere they eat.

Technomic predicts limited-time offers (including seasonal fare) will trend up and “eating a little better” will translate into menu modifications such as slightly-lower-sodium, slightly-more-glamorous sea salt.

Regarding menu items, Technomic says the Korean taco signals the rise of Korean barbecue and Korean food in general. Demand for comfort food is expected, Technomic says.
Source: Technomic