MRI holds Summer School on Meat Research

MRI holds Summer School on Meat Research

The International Competence Center on Meat Quality at the Max Rubner-Institut in Kulmbach, Germany announced the 3rd International Summer School on Meat Research which will be held from 23 to 26 September, 2013.

Currently, almost 290 mill. t of meat are consumed annually, and the world population is expected to amount to over 9 bill. people within the next 30 years. Thus, the demand for meat and meat products will increase considerably.

Consequently, slaughter technology including animal welfare and optimal livestock handling systems is to keep up with this development, because these criteria in the end determine meat quality and the value of the final meat products. The respective stakeholders should also bear in mind that the modern consumer demands better communication and education in this respect.

From a research point of view, this topic has been in focus since the early 1990s, and this topic also called into action politics. After a first evaluation in 2010, a new EU strategy on animal welfare had been enforced in 2012.

For that reason, the 3rd International Summer School will give an overview on how handling of livestock during transportation and in the abattoir as well as the slaughter process itself can influence and improve final meat quality. Apart from this, enforcement of animal welfare legislation, transparency for consumers and improving the knowledge of stakeholders will be highlighted.

Everyone dealing with animal slaughter - regardless of whether for research purposes or industrybased - is invited to apply for a place at this year's Summer School to practise international networking and to learn about the latest developments in this contemporary issue.
Source: Max Rubner-Institut (MRI)