MHP builds Europe's largest poultry farm

MHP builds Europe's largest poultry farm

MHP, one of the leading agro-industrial companies in Ukraine, is looking to build the largest poultry-processing factory in Europe.

Work on the project began in 2010 with the construction of the first stage of Vinnitsa Broiler and poultry feed mill. At costs of $750 mill. the poultry facility will be capable of producing more than 400 t of chicken per year, on four separate production lines.

The first poultry slaughtering line opened on the farm in the summer of 2012, and in 2012 the production of poultry at Vinnitsa farm was about 20 t.

During 2013 MHP plans to increase production rapidly and to produce an additional 80 t of chicken meat. The first phase of the complex with a capacity of 220 t of poultry meat will finish construction and reach full capacity in 2014. Start of construction of the second stage with a capacity of another 220 t is planned to commence in 2016. The second phase of the complex will reach full capacity in 2018 to 2019.

When completed Vinnitsia Broiler will be the largest poultry producers not only in the Ukraine, but the whole of Europe.

The complex also includes a feed mill and grain elevators. Construction has already finished for the sunflower seeds silo (200,000 m3) and the grain silo (200,000 m3). Construction of feed mill is currently 70% completed will the oil pressing plant is 90% completed.
Source: MHP
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