MHP: Company opens Slovakia poultry processin...

Company opens Slovakia poultry processing plant


UKRAINE, Kyiv. MHP S.A., one of the leading agro-industrial companies in Ukraine, focusing on the production of poultry and cultivation of grain, announces that following its export strategy, the Company has invested into and opened the processing facility in Slovakia, deepening its vertical integration, pursuing its export strategy of market targeting and the main objective to have a tighter control over the quality of products and services delivered to the end customers.

MHP has established a processing plant in close cooperation with one of its EU distributors in Slovakia. When  complete,  total  capital  expenditures  for  the  processing  services  of  chicken products in Slovakia are expected to reach around US$ 3 mill.

This cooperation is bringing MHP an opportunity to provide our European customers not only with commodity products, but also packaged ones for food services.
Source: MHP


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