Lobbying pays - IBC elects new presidents

by Editor fleischwirtschaft.com
Friday, November 16, 2007

The new committee of the International Butchers' Confederation (IBC) consists of the Luxembourger Jean-Mari Oswald and his two vice presidents Dr. Reinhard Kainz (Austria) and Jacques Kraft (France).

They will assume their new positions at the spring session of the IBC at the end of February in Paris.

Over the last six months the current committee has chalked up a number of successes, including a new relaxation of beef labelling requirements. A recent meeting with members of the EU parliament has also raised hopes that it will again soon be possible to use beef casings, said current IBC President Eugen Nagel.

The use of sodium and potassium nitrite is to be restricted or banned for organic meat products. A report came to the conclusion that restricting levels to less than 80 mg/kg or lower would drastically reduce the range of products.

Tom Golden of the EU Commission presented a report on the new EU hygiene laws. There are problems with the definition of cold-storage depots and the question of whether they would have to be approved or not, he said.

Alexander Anton of the Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection in the EU Commission issued a statement on the planned revision of labelling laws for foods. The basic principle remains: the EU will only regulate the labelling of prepacked goods.

The proposal of the Directorate General contains two new elements. On the one hand, if information on the origin is provided on the package, it should become mandatory to identify the point origin for all types of meat, analogous to the beef labelling requirements.

Also, nutritional value labelling is to become compulsory for five components: energy, protein, sugar, salt, fat (or saturated fatty acids). However, exceptions are planned here, too: for unprocessed products, those refined with only one product and those with packaging less than 25 square centimetres in size.