Livestock census: More pigs in Poland
Livestock census

More pigs in Poland

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More pigs were counted in Poland.
More pigs were counted in Poland.

POLAND, Warsaw. Polish pig production has recovered slightly. Cheap grain and higher prices for slaughter pigs improve profitability.

The statistics authority in Warsaw has determined that there are around 11.2 mill. pigs in Poland as of the December 2019 counting date. Compared to the end of 2018, the increase is 1.7%. Especially in the second half of the year, pig farmers expanded their herds. This is shown by the comparison of the December 2019 census with the June 2019 census, where the statistics authority registered an increase of as much as 4%.

The Polish Statistical Office cites the more attractive pig prices since mid-2019 as the reason for the increase in pig farming, which in the second half of the year were 19% higher than in the same period of the previous year. As grain prices had fallen in parallel, the profitability of fattening improved.

In a multi-year comparison, however, the current stock figures are not very high. Two years ago, the Polish pig herd consisted of around 12 mill. animals; eight years ago it was even more than 14 mill. animals. Part of the lack of own production is covered by imports of piglets and runners, which are then fattened in Polish stables. In 2019, the Statistical Office registers imports of a total of 7.4 mill. live animals. There had been an increase in the second half of the year compared to the first half.


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