Linpac: Investment in new equipment

Investment in new equipment


FRANCE, Pontivy. Packaging firm Linpac will create jobs and training opportunities after pumping over €7 mill. into a new production line at its Pontivy factory in France. Details on jobs and an exact value of the investment were not disclosed.

Not only will the investment lead to new jobs in France, but Linpac aims to grow its sales teams across Europe, Australasia and the Americas as a result of investment.

The €7 mill. investment in new equipment at the Pontivy site will enable Linpac to manufacture high-barrier plastic films for food packaging. Lightweight and durable, the innovation is part of Linpac’s sustainability efforts to reduce the weight and carbon footprint of its packaging. With a new production line, the company hopes to drive global growth of its lightweight, top lidding films.

Teams at the French factory will be trained on the technology to the French Certificate of Progression Qualification (CPQ) level, Linpac said. Investment in further equipment and training is also in the pipeline.

The new production line will bolster its ability to manufacture high-barrier films with enhanced anti-fog and print properties. The plastic film is used for tray sealers (the clear plastic film on top of some food packaging). The lightweight lidding is combined with recycled polyethylene terephthalate (commonly called rPET) plastic trays to create a packaging solution Linpac claimed was sustainable, thanks to a lower carbon footprint.


Source: Linpac


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