Leybold Vacuum manufacturer celebrates 170th birthday

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Saturday, April 04, 2020
The businessman Ernst Leybold laid the foundation in 1850.
Photo: Leybold
The businessman Ernst Leybold laid the foundation in 1850.

Traditionally, companies can only be sustainable if they are innovative. The vacuum specialist Leybold succeeded with its combination of tradition and innovation over the course of its history. With this in mind, the company is proud to honor this important milestone by celebrating its 170th birthday in 2020.

For 170 years, Leybold - with headquarters in Cologne, Germany - has been developing and supplying vacuum pumps, systems, standardized and customized vacuum solutions and services for many different industries. Today, Leybold is leading as a supplier of vacuum technology in many industrial applications; such as metallurgy and industrial coating technology.

In 2016, the Swedish Atlas Copco AB acquired the company. Atlas Copco is a multi-brand group with customers in over 180 countries and about 37000 employees. Today, Leybold is part of Atlas Copco’s Vacuum Technique business area. Atlas Copco is relying on Leybold’s traditional brand strength and on complementing the innovative technological know-how.

The synergetic performance of the both of them in the fields of industrial dry vacuum pumps and high vacuum pumps for science and research has created a technological platform for the development of sustainable high-performance products for future generations.

Leybold Vakuumpumpen
(Bild: Leybold)

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