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Non-stop high speed label application

With motorized winders and a loop unit, the new Herma 500 applies up to 2,000 labels a minute, synchronized with the product speed.
With motorized winders and a loop unit, the new Herma 500 applies up to 2,000 labels a minute, synchronized with the product speed.

GERMANY, Filderstadt. The new Herma 500 is a high-speed label applicator capable of operating continuously – 24 hours a day and seven days a week if necessary. Running at 200 m or 2,000 labels a minute, synchronized with the product speed, it achieves record-breaking marathon performance. Key to its output is the latest full-featured version with motorized winders and a loop unit, which Herma GmbH has now introduced.

Non-stop operation while delivering these performance figures, irrespective of the labeling task, is made possible by an optional cooling unit. It allows maximum output to be maintained across multiple shifts, even in demanding climatic conditions.

The applicator is operated intuitively, just like a smartphone, from the 4.3” color touchscreen. The display is rotatable in 90° increments to ensure optimum visibility in any situation. Apart from these attributes, the Herma 500 provides extensive and future-proof connectivity for the transition to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Besides an integrated web server, which can be accessed remotely as well, the new applicator features interfaces for connecting to higher-level controls by way of OPC Unified Architecture or Industrial Ethernet protocols. For users and operators alike, this results in more efficient control of production processes, which is crucial in the case of complex machine concepts in particular. Having obtained both UL and CSA listings, it can be used without any limitations anywhere in the USA and Canada.

 The great versatility and ease of installation of the Herma 500 has already proved its worth. It is the beating heart of all the labeling machines produced by the company. These include a high-output wrap-around labeler for up to 500 pharma products a minute, a top labeler with automatic product tracking for extremely accurate outcomes, a machine for wrap labeling of fresh food packs, and a semi-automatic healthcare machine designed specifically for the wrap-around labeling of very small batches, especially for products that tend to tip over.

Source: Herma


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