Konshurt: New storage facility

New storage facility


POLAND, Jarosław. Polish canned meat industry player Konshurt sp. z o.o. has opened a new storage facility in Jarosław, in the country’s south-eastern region of Podkarpacie, where the company previously used a leased building for storage purposes.

The new facility was fitted with a total surface of some 1,400 m2, the company said in a statement. Konshurt did not disclose the value of the project.

The facility in Jarostaw was officially opened on 1 September. Konshurt said that, in addition to increasing its storage capacity, the new facility also comprised office space for the firm's employees.

"Prior to the launching of the new facility, we performed our commercial activities with the use of a leased storage facility. Owing to this new investment, we will be able to further increase the quality of the services that we provide to our customers in the Podkarpacie region, ensuring even more professional services." Konshurt announced.

The Czestochowa-based company was set up by local businessman Marek Kasprzyk who also serves as president of Konshurt's management board. The company is a specialised distributor of canned poultry, other types of meat and fish products. Konshurt said it distributes canned products to more than 1,500 retailers across the country, and the company's partners purchase about 400,000 canned products per day.

To contribute to the revenue generated through the distribution of products made by different brands, since 2000, the firm has also been selling various canned meat and other products under its own brand, MK. Konshurt's own products are available at a number of Polish retail chains. The firm's second own brand, MK Animals, comprises various pet food products.

The firm's main logistics centre is located in Czestochowa, in Poland's south-western region, where the company is also headquartered. Konshurt's centre in Czestochowa, about 223 km south of Poland's capital Warsaw, has a total surface of about 4,000 m2. The company also operates a smaller, leased logistics facility in Koszalin, in the country's north-western region of Western Pomerania.


Source: Konshurt


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