Key results: Statistics notices on poultry me...
Key results

Statistics notices on poultry meat production in 2019

UK Government
Average number of broilers slaughtered per week in the UK
Average number of broilers slaughtered per week in the UK

UNITED KINGDOM, London. This publication gives previously published copies of the National Statistics publications on poultry and poultry meat production for 2019. Each publication gives the figures available at that time. The figures are subject to revision each month as new information becomes available.

Included are the number of chicks placed and eggs set by United Kingdom hatcheries. The number of birds placed each month shown give an indication of future poultry meat and egg production. The number of eggs set each month indicates how many birds will be available for placing in future months. It also includes statistics on the number of poultry slaughtered, average live weights of poultry and poultry meat production in the United Kingdom.

This release shows the latest monthly information on poultry statistics, including hatchery output, slaughtering and meat production volumes.

The key results for January 2019 in comparison to January 2018 are given below:

  • UK commercial layer chick placings were up 2% to 3.9 mill. chicks.
  • UK broiler chick placings were down 3.9% at 101.2 mill. chicks.
  • Turkey chick placings were down by 20% at 1.0 mill. chicks.
  • Turkey slaughterings were up 10% at 2.1 mill. birds.
  • UK broiler slaughterings were 4.7% lower at 95.9 mill. birds.
  • Total UK poultry meat production was 186.99 thousand t, down 0.7%.
Source: UK Government


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