Kemper – Reinert: New impetus for the sausage...
Kemper – Reinert

New impetus for the sausage market

Reinert / Kemper

GERMANY, Versmold, Nortrup. The family businesses Kemper and Reinert merge to form a joint company under the name TFB "The Family Butchers".

The merger creates Germany's second-largest meat processing company with an annual turnover of over €700 mill.

The Kühnl and Reinert owners each hold 50% of the shares in the newly founded company, which will be managed by Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl and Hans-Ewald Reinert as managing partners. The merger is expected to be completed at the turn of the year after completion of the antitrust audit.

"The Family Butchers" will then offer its customers a wide range of products from entry-level price products to premium manufacturer brands and combine the expertise of Reinert as a brand manufacturer and Kemper as a private label specialist. The new company comprises nine production sites with currently 2,600 employees.

"We are challenged to find answers to the challenges in the sausage and meat industry. Our merger will create a strong company with sustainable competitiveness. We are thus prepared for the demands of the future," is how Hans-Ewald Reinert explains the reasons for the merger.

"We remain a family business with a clear focus on long-term values and trust. And we are aware of our responsibility for sustainable management and reliability for our employees and customers," adds Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl.

The new company aims to play an outstanding role in the industry as a cost and innovation leader and sees itself as a driving force in the process of change in the meat and sausage industry.


Source: Kemper


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