Kelly Bronze: First steps into US market
Kelly Bronze

First steps into US market

Dieter Schütz /

UK, Essex. American Thanksgiving is being celebrated and British turkey producer Kelly Bronze has achieved a major breakthrough with official go-ahead to market throughout the United States. This was reported by FarmingUK.

Kelly Turkeys has been testing the US Thanksgiving market in Virginia over the last six years and has built a pilot processing plant on a small farm near the Blue Ridge Mountains to establish whether they can develop a niche market for a top quality traditional turkey in a market dominated by cheap frozen product. The company invested $2 mill. in their processing plant. Now, they got the permission by USDA

Ironically, the Kelly Bronze is produced just like the Americans used to – in the style of ‘New York dressed’ turkeys. The turkeys are dry plucked and hung for 10 to 14 days before evisceration – just like they were in the MidWest before transport to the East Coast markets in the era before refrigeration.

“Getting the US Department of Agriculture to approve our dry process has taken huge amounts of time and effort with meetings in Washington and translating our UK legislation for dry processing so it would meet USDA criteria,” said Paul Kelly, managing director of Kelly Turkeys. “I have to say the USDA has been brilliant and really supportive on getting our unique process approved. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.

Source: Farming UK


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