Kaufland: Range of GMO-free beef expanded

Range of GMO-free beef expanded


GERMANY, Heilbronn. German discounter Kaufland has increased its range of GMO-free beef products to include mince and beef burgers.

In making this move, the company said that it wants to set a new standard in beef quality. During production, neither in the fodder nor the ingredients include genetically-modified ingredients.

"Beef with this certification has been the exception in food retailing so far. Here, we want to set a new standard," commented Ralph Dausch, management for meat goods at Kaufland.

One of the prerequisites for the GMO-free certification for beef is the use of GMO-free feed for at least three quarter’s of a cow’s life – due to this requirement, GMO-free beef is not widely available. "However, we have set our course very early, and now we have the opportunity to sell GMO-free beef,” said Bausch. “With the inclusion of minced meat and burgers in the current range, we offer the opportunity today to renounce genetic engineering in beef production.” he added.

Kaufland already offers around 700 articles with the GMO-free seal in its overall product range. The company's goal is it to expand their GMO-free product portfolio as soon as possible.


Source: Kaufland