Jademo: "Anything is possible"

"Anything is possible"

Jörg Schiffeler, jus
Jademo processes around 4,000 sows per week.
Jademo processes around 4,000 sows per week.

BELGIUM, Zottegem Jademo occupying the sow meat niche. Fine cutting to order.

Jademo was the result of the merger between the Janssens and De Moor family businesses in 2003. The company occupies a niche in the form of sow meat processing – which it has done for three generations. 

The raw material – lean, dark and dry sow meat – is the ideal basis for producing dry sausage. Zottegemer has many customers in the meat processing industry around the globe. Jademo delivers to a total of 48 countries. The German meat product industry and supermarket butchers are key clients who generate new ideas for products while demanding a high degree of flexibility.

Marc De Moor's philosophy, as he reveals in an interview with fleischwirtschaft.com, is to specialise and thus make anything possible. He sees the strengths of his company in its improved flexibility and its enhanced quality and service. When the Belgian economy competes internationally, it has a built-in labour cost disadvantage. The minimum wage there is significantly higher than in Germany. The union concluded a four per cent pay rise with the Belgian meat industry for this year. The level of service which customers receive must therefore yield particular advantages.
Marc De Moor, Managing Director.
Jörg Schiffeler, jus
Marc De Moor, Managing Director.
De Moor and his team – which now includes the next generation, Peter and Charlotte De Moor – collaborate closely with the first link in the chain, the farmers. The aim is to obtain good lean meat after fattening. Jademo offers added value by fine cutting to order, says De Moor. Eight to ten cuts for bellies and ham are standard for the company.

Every week, the 120 employees cut up roughly 4,000 sows. Starting roughly ten years ago, the company now offers pork deboning. During a visit to fleischwirtschaft.com a few weeks ago, the company boss put the number of deboned pigs at 4,000. The most recent investment was in the expansion of deep-freeze capacity to 2,700 pallets; a packaging line is currently being set up. The export quotas are 70 per cent for processed sow meat and 30 per cent for pork.

Based in Zottegem in Flanders, the family business specialises in the processing of pigs and sows.

  • Managing Directors: Peter Janssens, Marc De Moor
  • Export destinations: EU, Africa, Asia, Russia, Ukraine,
  • Certificates: IFS, BRC, Certus, QS
  • Employees: 120 employees
  • Sales revenue: EUR 76.6 million


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