JBS S.A.: Return hours after suspension

Return hours after suspension

BRAZIL, São Paulo. Wesley Mendonça Batista and Joesley Mendonça Batista were informing the Company that they were authorized by the Federal Judiciary to reassume their respective positions.

As described in the correspondence, this authorization is due to an agreement signed between the shareholders of J&F Investimentos (“J&F”) and the Federal Public Prosecutor, where by J&F has provided the Prosecutor an insuredsurety as part of the terms of the agreement. The 10th district court of the Federal Capital – Brasilia approved the agreement, and, Consequently, all measures against J&F Investimentos, Wesley Batista and Joesley Batista were lifted.

Thus, the Board of Directors of JBS decided, in a meeting, to reappoint Wesley Batista as CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Board and Joesley Batista as Chairman of the Board of the Company.

“I thank my brother, José Batista Júnior, for having temporarily assumed the presidency of JBS and I also thank all our shareholders and other stakeholders for the trust they place in us. I will continue working with the global and regional leadership teams towards the consolidation of JBS as a global leader in the food sector,” stated Wesley Batista.

Source: JBS S.A.


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