Investment: Atria has plans for Lagerbergs’ c...

Atria has plans for Lagerbergs’ chicken production

 Atria Finland's main food factory in Nurmo, Finland.
Atria Finland's main food factory in Nurmo, Finland.

FINLAND, Seinäjoki. Atria is launching a long-term investment programme to develop Lagerbergs’ chicken production in Sweden. The investments will be devoted to the improvement of the entire production chain, from chicken rearing and industrial production to the strengthening of Lagerbergs’ brand.

Today, Atria’s Board of Directors has approved an investment plan of EUR 14 mill. for the development of Lagerbergs’ operations. The investments will be made in 2016 to 2018. As a result, production capacity will increase significantly at the Norjeby factory. The existing production facilities will be modernised and rebuilt, and production machinery will be renewed. Furthermore, new chicken rearing facilities will be built near the plant.

In April 2016, Atria purchased the entire share capital of Lagerberg i Norjeby AB (Lagerbergs), a Swedish poultry company. With the transaction, Atria expanded its business in Sweden to chicken processing. Lagebergs has a production plant and its own chicken rearing facilities in Blekinge, Southern Sweden. Lagerbergs is the third largest supplier on the Swedish chicken market. In addition to the chickens produced at its own rearing facilities, Lagerbergs acquires chickens from the contract producers located near the production plant. The company employs 120 people.

Source: Atria


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