Investigation into meat products continues

Investigation into meat products continues

The investigation into meat labelling following news of undeclared products in meat is continuing – with an outcome expected in two to three months’ time, the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) said.

“The National Consumer Commission (NCC) is busy with the investigation. We think in two to three months’ time the results thereof will be out,” dti spokesperson Sidwell Medupe said.

In February, dti Minister Rob Davies asked the NCC to investigate the matter of meat labelling after it emerged that undeclared products were found in meat.

Research conducted by a study group at the University of Stellenbosch with regard to the content of various meat products in South Africa found the presence of donkey, water buffalo, goat and other undisclosed meat products in certain processed foods available to consumers at retail stores.

Failure to disclose the ingredients contained in food products constitutes the breaching of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). “Companies that breach the CPA can be fined,” added Medupe. The fine could be up to R10 million or a 10 year prison sentence.
Source: South African Government News Agency