Improving Nigeria’s domestic beef sector

by Editor
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Nigerian Minister for Agriculture, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina in his presentation at the inaugural meeting of the Nigerian Agribusiness group gave the assurance that farmers who invest in the integrated processing of livestock such as beef can earn a return on investment of up to 45%, according to Bord Bia.

As part of the Government’s effort to ensure that investors in the sector enjoy the benefits of their investments, the minister gave assurances that the federal government was set to grant concessions for modernisation of abattoirs, provide incentives for integrated facilities as well as modernize wholesale and retail outlets.

Other incentives will be offered through the facilitation of breed and genetics improvements, enforcement of strict health and safety standards and the formation of industry bodies for industry coordination. The minister also pointed out that other policies would encourage the import of live cattle to improve the quality of breeding stock, which could open up business opportunities for Irish livestock exporters. New Zealand and the UK have exported some dairy cattle. The animals were exported by air.

Bord Bia representatives recently met with Dr. G. M. Mshelbwala MCVSN, Federal Department of Livestock & Pest Control Services who corroborated these developments. Mr Mshelbwala also pointed out that other measures could possibly enourage semen importation to improve the cattle herd.