IFFA presents hygiene products and trends

IFFA presents hygiene products and trends

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Petra Welzel

Safety, quality and hygiene are more than ever before top priorities in the meat-processing sector. At IFFA – The No. 1 for the meat industry – in Frankfurt am Main from May 4 to 9, trade visitors can obtain a complete overview of the latest innovations in the field of hygiene technology and future developments.

Parts of machines, conveyers and other plant components that come into contact with products must be cleaned of any product residuals sticking to them and disinfected at regular intervals. Therefore, more and more users are turning to automatic CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) and SIP (Sterilization-in-Place) systems.

Hygienic design

The cleanliness and ease with which meat-processing machines and plant can be cleaned is also a question of design. Thus, simplicity is the key principle of hygienic design (HD) and the aim is to avoid undercuts of all kinds and open seams, in which product residuals can catch and form ideal breading grounds for microorganisms. For the same reason, open screw holes, Allen or Torx screws, etc. are not permitted. Corners and transitions must be smooth, free of joints and cleanly rounded off.

The surfaces of covers or sensor housings in spraying or wet areas should be inclined at an angle of at least three degrees to avoid any traces of water remaining on them. Steeper gradients ensure a faster run-off and should, therefore, be used whenever possible. Additionally, it should be possible to clean all parts that come into contact with the product without having to remove them from the CIP or SIP systems.

Trade visitors can see the latest innovations and trends in the field of hygiene technology at IFFA 2013. On 110,000 square metres of exhibition space, around 950 exhibitors, including all market leaders, present new products for all stages of the meat-processing chain. Thanks to the new layout of the fair, the complete range of machines and plant is now concentrated in Halls 8, 9 and 11, in the western section of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre.

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Source: fleischwirtschaft.com / Messe Frankfurt