IFFA 2019: Next year’s trade fair to showcase...
IFFA 2019

Next year’s trade fair to showcase innovations


GERMANY, Frankfurt (Main). Sharpening a vision for the future and optimising what is already there – such is the invitation of the IFFA, from 4 to 9 May 2019. It will feature a comprehensive overview, showcase major trends, and offer every amount of inspiration and of specialist exchange of ideas.

The trend towards outstanding quality in the butcher’s trade is undiminished. Through its products the trade is differentiating itself from the mass market. The consumers are interested and require transparency.

Even if convenience food is not always a positive idea among customers, dishes which can be quickly prepared continue to be popular. What is new is the demand that such foods should be extremely good and healthy to eat.

Thus sous vide cooking has gained a firm foothold among meat gourmets and offers butchers an opportunity to establish a market with particular cuts, marinades or individually prepared dishes. Ready-to-cook dishes from butcher’s shops are also popular. They are quite different from those products with which the customer is familiar in retail outlets and gain their reputation through their authenticity and “the taste of home.”

These major incentives for the future of the butchery sector will be showing at next year’s IFFA in Frankfurt (Main). Informative events covering every aspect of the trade, new products and services for sales, the quality competitions organised by the German Butchers’ Association, and numerous innovations of a technological kind will all make a visit to the trade fair a real experience.


Source: IFFA


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