IFFA 2016: Food Safety First
IFFA 2016

Food Safety First

Petra Schramböhmer, Petra Schramböhmer
International manufacturers provide comprehensive solutions for hygienic production
International manufacturers provide comprehensive solutions for hygienic production

GERMANY, Frankfurt Solutions featuring intelligent control can be deployed to maximum effect in the meat processing industry.

Because the main challenges here include the high hygiene and traceability standards, the limited shelf life of meat and sausage products, and changing package sizes and designs. Safe food products are the result of a range of technical, technological and operational processes along the entire value chain. The new developments and detailed improvements being showcased at IFFA all have a single goal: the safe, hygienic and economical processing and packaging of meat and meat products.

The engineering sector supplies not only the "hardware", i.e. machines which are designed to meet hygiene requirements and are easy to clean, it also provides comprehensive solutions for hygienic production. This includes the creation of cleaning concepts based on set intervals or alternatively as necessary (depending on the system technology). Sensors help to determine the optimum time, here. Integrated systems enhance production safety and help improve transparency. The leading manufacturers are showcasing pioneering solutions for all traceability process stages at the IFFA here in Frankfurt.

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The manufacturers are investing all their industry know-how to achieve maximum flexibility and performance in their systems. The range extends from X-ray inspection systems, checkweighers and metal detectors including data acquisition and modulation devices through to NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy for rapid analysis of fat, protein and water content in the meat without time-consuming sample preparation.

Source: fleischwirtschaft.com; Frankfurt daily


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