IBC meets to discuss charges

IBC meets to discuss charges

The committee of the International Butchers' Confederation (IBC) convened during the German Butchers' Association conference in Frankfurt. The main focus of the deliberations was on deciding upon the future strategy with regard to the revision of the inspection regulation.

IBC President Jean-Marie Oswald, the two vice presidents Jacqueline Balzer and Ad Bergwerff, together with Kirsten Diessner, Managing Director of the Secretariat General, quickly agreed that the current state of the legislative process requires intensive national lobbying.

The IBC member associations should therefore continue to campaign against general mandatory charges for initial official inspections.

The associations should argue that checking adherence to food regulations is a basic public service provided by the state. The individual member countries should be able to continue to decide on mandatory charges for initial inspections themselves. The committee also urged its member organisations to insist upon transparency in any calculation of such charges.

If mandatory charges for initial inspections cannot be prevented at the EU level, the member associations should demand a sliding scale to ensure that smaller companies are not disproportionately disadvantaged.
Source: afz – allgemeine fleischer zeitung 45/2014


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