Hydrosol: Remaining on growth course

Remaining on growth course


GERMANY, Ahrensburg. With revenues of 464 million euros, the Hamburg-based Stern-Wywiol Gruppe again experienced double-digit growth in 2016. Its Hydrosol subsidiary made an important contribution to this continued positive balance. A specialist in stabilising and texturing systems, in recent years the company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of stabilising systems on the international market. In Europe the company is in the top 3 in the category.

Hydrosol has made a name for itself worldwide with custom solutions for meat and fish products, deli foods and dairy products. Most importantly, the company has demonstrated a nose for leading-edge trends. As early as 2009 Hydrosol presented clean label solutions at F1 Europe. The Market Insights organisation presented the “Flexitarian Effect” as one of the top trends in 2016, but Hydrosol had already been offering all-in compounds for vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives since 2014.

The company develops its stabilising and texturing systems based on a detailed knowledge of the raw materials available on the world market and how they interact with each other. “Our core competence lies in the targeted combination of functional components” says Dr. Matthias Moser, CEO Hydrosol. “An understanding of the interactions among hydrocolloids, proteins, fibre, enzymes and other ingredients is the key to quality results. We see time and again that these synergistic complexes give much better results than single ingredients.”

Current developments by the Ahrensburg company include stabilising and texturing systems for the production of vegan nuggets, burger patties and schnitzel, as well as functional systems for the economic production of cheese preparations and recombinations. With new, tailor-made solutions for the manufacture of poultry products, Hydrosol customers can participate in the worldwide growth of this segment. Another innovation is functional raw materials complexes for the sustainable processing of rennet and acid whey into high-value dairy products.

Partnering atmosphere

Flat hierarchies are a matter of course at Hydrosol. According to Dr Moser, they help maintain high motivation and a sense of responsibility. Torsten Wywiol, CEO of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, is proud of the special corporate culture: “We’re different from many other companies in our industry. Each company in our group retains its autonomy. And most importantly, we offer our employees the greatest possible freedom. We’re a family-run company, and as in every good family, innovative ideas can thrive only in a stimulating and partnering atmosphere.”

Currently Hydrosol meets customer wishes in over 100 countries. With 15 foreign offices and further certified partners, this stabilisation specialist has direct access to all key global markets, including growth markets like Latin America, North Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, where Hydrosol is already successfully established.

Source: Hydrosol


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