Huge losses in Nepalese poultry sector

Huge losses in Nepalese poultry sector

The recent bird flu outbreak in Kathmandu valley and other parts of the country has incurred a loss of over Rs 7 billion ( about 50,656,426 €) in poultry business, entrepreneurs said.

Thousands of small and large-scale businesspersons have quit this business citing insecurity due to the bird flu outbreak. The businesspersons said that the loss in poultry sector that contributes nearly 4% to the country's GDP was likely to cause a big loss to the country's economy.

The businesspersons have also complained the lack of appropriate steps to control the bird flu from the government’s side. The chairman of the Eggs Producers' Association Shiva Ram KC said that poultry farmers' years-long efforts went in vein after the bird flu outbreak. KC said Nepal's poultry business was pushed four decades back due to this year's bird flu outbreak.

The consumption of chicken has decreased not because of the death of fowls but because of rumours spread in the market, KC added.

Likewise, the chairman of he Nepal Chicken Market Management Association Shankar Kandel said that supply of chicken and eggs to the capital city from Chitwan was almost zero at present. He said daily supply of chicken from Chitwan to Kathmandu valley used to stand at 15 to 20 tons in the past.

Poultry entrepreneurs have said that the business could gain its previous position if the government waives the total interest amount and provides loan in subsidised interest rate.

Source: The Himalayan Times