Houseflies can transmit bird flu

by Editor
Monday, July 23, 2007

Research conducted at North Carolina State University in the US shows that these houseflies can indeed transmit the AI virus.

The common housefly feeds and breeds on all kinds of organic matter, including food, animal feed, garbage, faeces and animal carcasses. On farms, houseflies constantly move between dirty areas with pathogens and clean areas, such as feed storage and animal housing.

Due to this nature of movement, houseflies have been implicated in the transmission of different types of diseases caused by bacteria, protozoan and viral parasites.

According to the researchers more than one-third of the adult Musca domestica sampled contained AI virus particles. They said adult flies carried an infectious dose in their gut for more than three hours after feeding.

The researchers added that houseflies could also transmit the Newcastle Disease in poultry. They explained that the hazards are focused on housefly feeding or sucking up liquid from putrefying food and faeces supporting high concentrations of pathogen.