Horse meat scandal: 2000 samples tested in Ge...

Horse meat scandal: 2000 samples tested in Germany

More than 2,000 samples already tested following horsemeat scandal in Germany.

Nearly three weeks after news emerged of the first deliveries of wrongly labelled products containing horse meat from European countries to Germany, the monitoring authorities of the German states have analysed the results of a total of 2004 samples taken as part of their investigations.

Of these, 1,924 food samples were examined for traces of horse meat DNA. Horse DNA has been detected in 126 qualitative analyses to date. However, the majority of the latest positive test results are confirmation of known cases and concern products which have already been taken out of circulation.

Unlike in the UK or France, the extensive tests carried out in Germany have yielded no traces of veterinary medicines. This has been confirmed by the latest figures issued by the monitoring authorities. These show no positive findings of the drug phenylbutazone in the total of 80 tests carried out on regular horse meat. The state authority tests are continuing.
Source: afz – allgemeine fleischer zeitung 11/2013