Hormel Foods: Ranked at No. 58
Hormel Foods

Ranked at No. 58

Hormel Foods

USA, Austin, Minn. Hormel Foods was recently named to the Top 100 Consumer Goods Companies list for 2017 by Consumer Goods Technology (CGT), an organization that focuses on business and technology news within the global consumer goods community.

This list is CGT’s annual roundup of the largest companies in the consumer goods industry around the globe. The list ranks publically traded companies in descending order of 2016 revenue for consumer divisions, and Hormel Foods is ranked at No. 58.

“This year’s results actually represent an improvement from 2016,” stated the CGT announcement article. “That might be a very positive sign that traditional companies are adapting to the many changes in consumer demand and behavior that have taken place in recent years, and are finding ways – new products, sales channels and distribution strategies, and maybe a strategic acquisition or two – to remain relevant despite the rising competitive tide.”

The group is committed to helping consumer goods executives improve business performance through integrated media that delivers insights, benchmark analysis and networking opportunities.


Source: Hormel Foods



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