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Hormel Foods

Jennie-O Turkey store begins construction of new plant


USA, Melrose, Minnesota. Construction began this month on a new state-of-the-art Jennie-O Turkey Store processing plant in Melrose, Minn.

More than $137 mill. will be invested in the building and state-of-the-art processing equipment that will increase the production capabilities and plant efficiency, in addition to enhancing the company’s already robust animal handling practices.

The current plant will remain in operation during the construction process. Once the new plant is finished in early 2019, the existing plant will be partially torn down and the remainder will be used for further value-added products.

Jennie-O Turkey Store, based in Willmar, Minn., is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded meat products. The company leverages its extensive expertise, innovation and high competencies in turkey processing and marketing to bring branded, value-added products to the global marketplace.

Source: Hormel Foods


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