Homes throw a third of food away

by Editor
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

British homes throw away around a third of all the food they buy.

In doing this, households waste money and the energy used to produce the food products, a government agency has found.

Around half of the 6 million tons of waste is inedible - such as tea bags, bones and vegetable peelings - but the other half is food that could be eaten.

Supermarket shoppers should realise that 15% of every pound they spend is going into the bin, said Jennie Price, chief executive of WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme. Her agency interviewed 1,900 people and found that only 10% considered they were throwing away a significant amount of the food they bought.

Price recommended that people should eat the food in their fridges in sell-by date order to avoid unnecessary waste. Supermarkets could also help by putting fewer items in packs of meat, fruit and vegetables.

WRAP was established by the government in 2000 to help Britain reduce waste and boost recycling.