Höcker: Hygiene station for dry operation

Hygiene station for dry operation


GERMANY, Wallenhorst. The latest innovation of the Höcker Group is part of the Cleanmaster family and bears the name HS62TR. What it stands for is the HS62 hygiene station, rebuilt for dry operation.

The high-quality hygienic station made of stainless steel was developed as a special customer solution, emphasizes Managing Director Benjamin Höcker. The special design was triggered by an enquiry from a company in the Netherlands. "After the hygiene station for dry operation went into operation in Holland, the system is now available in the Höcker complete catalogue 2019 as a series product among more than 700 high-quality, multiple customizable solutions for the meat and food industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry.”

As required for dry operation, for example in bakeries, the hygiene station for dry operation has no internal water piping for brush wetting. Instead, the bottom of the system can be pulled out and serves as a crumb drawer to remove dirt from the brush area at regular intervals. In addition, the reflective light scanner for the brush rotation and the entrance sensors mounted on the turnstile housing provide reliable protection against entering the production area without cleaning and disinfection.

A customer inquiry from The Netherlands had started it all: the company had requested a hygiene station with dry cleaning. It needed an individual solution for their particular challenge in food production.

The cooperation was uncomplicated right from the start. "Just under a week after the first mail contact, we sat together and developed a first idea for solving the individual requirement together," says Lucas Harberink, Höcker's sales representative in Benelux. This consists in the fact that during the production of different rice meals on seven days a week, as much moisture as possible must be avoided. This also includes the fact that wet cleaning is not allowed – neither in the direct production process, nor when adhering to the high hygiene requirements for the employees. The customer's requirement was therefore to keep washing hands and shoe soles as dry as possible and to offer hand disinfection as an option.

The challenge was mastered with the know-how of Höcker from the meat and food industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry. The result is the first Höcker hygiene station for dry operation. It is designed as a double-sided walk-through sole cleaning machine that can be combined with a hand cleaning and disinfection turnstile unit. For the first customer in the Netherlands, the hygiene station was also combined with an emergency exit gate. A hygiene sluice with perfect hygiene and an ideal escape route, which fulfils all safety guidelines, was thus realised.

The two sole brushes are automatically activated when the operator enters the production area. In the hand washing chamber, a sensor detects both hands of the employee and moistens the palms with liquid soap, which after rinsing is drained off together with the washing water in the machine. This keeps the moisture where it belongs: inside the hygiene station. After the hands have dried, four special nozzles spray disinfectant as a fine mist from above and below onto the hands and only after the complete hand cleaning with subsequent hand disinfection has been completed does the turnstile clear the way into production. The three seconds opening time are deliberately timed so that only one person can pass. If required for safety reasons, the turnstile can be unlocked at any time using the integrated unlock button so that it rotates freely in both directions.


Source: Höcker


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