High levels of salt hidden in UK’s favourite ...

High levels of salt hidden in UK’s favourite sandwiches

New research published by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH), London, reveals that many shop-bought sandwiches contain more than a third (2g) of the day’s recommended maximum salt limit (6g) in a single serving, and some contain up to 65% of the adult daily limit.

CASH surveyed 140 sandwiches available in the UK. The research covered the top ten favourite sandwich varieties from nine retailers, one fast-food chain, one bakery and five coffee shops. Over two fifths – 41% of the sample - (58 sandwiches) contained 2g or more of salt per serving, 33% of the adult daily limit, or the same salt level as a Big Mac . 11 sandwiches – almost 8% of those surveyed – contained 3g or more of salt – half the adult daily limit.

Of those surveyed, ASDA Extra Special Yorkshire Ham and Hawes Wensleydale was the saltiest sandwich with 3.9g of salt per serving. This was closely followed by Pret a Manger’s All Day Breakfast sandwich with 3.54g of salt and Tesco’s Finest All Day Breakfast sandwich with 3.5g of salt. As a standard bag of Walkers Ready Salted Crisps contains 0.5g of salt per bag , these high-salt sandwiches contain the equivalent of seven bags of crisps.

The lowest salt sandwiches in the survey were Co-op Healthy Living Tuna and Cucumber and Tesco Healthy Living Chicken Salad, with 0.6g of salt per serving, just 10% of the adult daily salt limit.
Source: CASH – Consensus Action on Salt and Health
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