High expectations for Argentina's poultry sec...

High expectations for Argentina's poultry sector

Poultry production in Argentina grew 170% in the last ten years, according to a report by the Argentine Ministry of Industry.

From 2003 to 2012, Argentine poultry production increased by 170%, and per capita consumption increased by 116%, while exports grew at an annual average of 36%.

By 2020, the sector plans to reach a production level of 3 mill. t (in 2012 it was 1.9 mill.), bringing the per capita consumption to 50 kg (currently standing at 40 kg) and the exports to around US$2,475 mill. (in 2012 it was US$ 530 mill.).

The guidelines for the sector will regionalise production, see progress in adding value and deepening sector integration. Moreover, the aim is to organise of the egg industry and its derivatives, consolidating and strengthening.
Source: The Argentine Ministry of Industry