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First to be certified in France and Poland

Hendrix Genetics

THE NETHERLANDS, Boxmeer. Two exciting milestones in animal welfare are that the first and only PAACO Certified Poultry Welfare Auditors in France and Poland are employees of Hendrix Genetics.

Animal Welfare is a key priority in the Hendrix Genetics Sustainability Program. Many years have been dedicated to the development of an Animal Welfare Program that could apply to all species within the company’s portfolio. The key to continued success of this program is finding ways to keep performance levels up and to identify when and where improvements are needed. Yearly audits offer a way to monitor performance and the turkey business unit has made significant efforts in this area to ensure to have certified auditors on staff to complete these audits.

There are a number of certification programs around the world and Hendrix’ staff includes auditors who are certified through:

• The University of Bristol Poultry Welfare Certification Program

• The Canadian Livestock Transportation Certification

• The Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO)

The largest number of auditors in the company’s team is certified through PAACO, with fifteen employees certified throughout North America and Europe. The mission of PAACO is, to promote the humane treatment of animals through education and certification of animal auditors, as well as the review and/or certification of animal audit instruments, assessments, and programs.

Since PAACO’s establishment, Hendrix Genetics has been actively involved in the program. They have provided instructors for various training events and also help PAACO candidates, such as customers, allied industry or government, achieve their certification by providing shadow audits and guidance throughout the process.

Having trained auditors and performing audits on a regular basis allow the company to continually enhance the welfare of the animals in care and to lead the industry in best practices. Although the training and certifications referenced in this article pertain to poultry, the company can use the expertise of these auditors and the programs they have been trained in, across all species within Hendrix Genetics, as well as to aid customers in ensuring the best care possible for their animals.


Source: Hendrix Genetics


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