Health Focus International New consumer research published

by Editor
Tuesday, August 06, 2019
Photo: Health Focus International

New consumer research from Health Focus International shows that perceived health benefits and taste preferences are more significant purchase drivers for plant-based foods and beverages than sustainability or animal welfare concerns.

The market researcher - which conducted a survey with 2,014 US consumers in November-December 2018 as part of its 2019 Shopper Study - asked a subset of respondents who said they consumed plant-based foods and beverages to rate a series of purchase drivers.

“Promotes daily health” and “promotes long-term health” came out on top with 57% of these consumers rating these as extremely or very important, followed by “helps prevent disease” (53%), “more energy” (52%), “its a taste preference” (49%), “eating clean” (48%), “better treatment of animals” (47%), and at the bottom of the list: “its a lifestyle preference” and “environmental/sustainability reasons” (44% apiece).

However, questions directed to all respondents showed that while just over a third (37%) agreed with the statement that plant-based foods and beverages were "healthier overall than animal-based foods/beverages," only 12% agreed they were "better tasting."