Hamburger sales pick up in Japan

by Editor
Thursday, May 10, 2007

The volume of hamburgers sold in Japan during 2006 increased 11% on the previous year, to 159,789 tonnes.

Apart from this, it still was 10% below the peak level registered in 2000 (Japan Hamburg and Hamburger Association data).

Impacted by BSE and fierce competition among the Japanese foodservice sectors, hamburger volumes stayed below 150,000 tonnes between 2002 and 2005, after reaching a record 177,619 tonnes in 2000.

The growth in volume in 2006, was largely a result of the success of larger size burgers introduced by leading brands, such as McDonald’s (Mega Mac), and diversification of menus to keep up with changing customer needs.

The number of hamburger outlets also increased to 3,641 in 2006, (as of 31 December, figures by the Japan Hamburg and Hamburger Association).

Australia supplies beef to various hamburger chains also including McDonalds.