HKScan: Pork exports to China to start

Pork exports to China to start


FINLAND, Turku. HKScan, the Finnish manufacturer of meat foods and products, will export pork from Finland to China starting with the first half of 2018, after the Chinese and Finnish food authorities signed an agreement allowing HKScan's Forssa plant to prepare for launching exports to China.

HKScan products exported to China will be targeted at retail customers, industrial customers and the HoReCa sector. The initial goal is to export 3,000 t of pork meat to China and to triple that volume by 2020. In addition to exporting pork, HKScan's long-term goal is to initiate the export of poultry and other meat. A further goal is to launch exports to China from HKScan's other home markets.

"The launch of Chinese exports is a great example of our From Farm to Fork strategy. We want to make daily life tastier for our consumers and customers – both today and tomorrow. Our promise is to deliver responsibly produced, high-quality, nutritionally sound food, from farm to fork, and now we have the chance to do this on the growing Chinese market," says HKScan President and CEO Jari Latvanen.

"Finnish family farms are doing a world-class job, and we take pride in sharing their story with the world. Our commitment to superior quality and responsibility from farm to fork offers us a competitive edge and the opportunity to expand our export of value-added products on a significant new market," adds Latvanen. "I would like to thank all our contract farmers for the excellent, long-term work they have been doing to differentiate our products in such a unique way."

The launch of exports from Finland to China has involved extensive preparations with Finnish authorities. "We owe a debt to Finland's decision-makers and authorities, who have been extremely helpful in supporting the export of Finnish food products – without their input, we would not have made it." On behalf of myself and the whole of HKScan, I would like to express my gratitude to the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Finnish Food Safety Authority and to all other officials involved both in China and Finland. Especially Ms. Jaana Husu-Kallio, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, has given valuable support. I would also like to thank our partners in China and Finland," says President and CEO Latvanen.


Source: HKScan


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